Do I need a building permit?
In general, most construction work requires a permit.

Why do I need a building permit?
The permit process makes certain contractors are adequately licensed by the State of Illinois, if required, and the improvements are completed as indicated on the plans. Permits are the law, violators are subject to fines and other penalties.

What could happen if I decide not to get a permit?
The following are just a few examples of problems which could occur if work were completed without a building permit: an astute realtor or attorney would advise their client not to purchase a house until a permit and inspection record is provided for all improvements on the property; insurance will not cover damage to  or caused by work that was not permitted or inspected; the code requires inspections prior to the work being covered; if work has been completed, walls and floors may need to be opened up or removed and some manufacturers product warranties are void until validated by a municipal inspector. It is unlawful to sell, transfer, mortgage or lease a structure that has been served with a compliance order.

Do I need an inspection?
Inspections are required as part of the permit process. Different inspections are required depending on the type of work being performed. Inspection information is included with the permit application. Call the Community Development Department at 847-741-3894 at least 24 hours before to schedule an inspection.

Are there construction hours?
Yes, you can work on construction, repair or maintenance of a structure or property between the hours of 7am and 9pm. In the case of an emergency, a permit may be issued from the Director of Public Works to work outside these hours.

The Building Permit Application states that I need a Plat of Survey. What is a Plat of Survey and how do I get one?
A Plat of Survey is a drawing prepared by an Illinois licensed land surveyor showing the location of all lot lines, easements and existing structures on a piece of property. Generally, a Plat of Survey is included with closing documents at time of purchase. The Village may have a copy of your Plat of Survey from a previous building permit application, but this is not guaranteed.

Will a building permit trigger an increase in my property taxes?
Fair market value is assessed by the Tax Assessors Office. Visit your respective township website to determine the current assessment and learn how new assessments are made - Elgin Township or St. Charles Township.