Recreational Vehicle Parking and Storage

The parking and storage of recreational vehicles is regulated by the Village.  Recreational vehicles are defined as vehicles or trailers for recreational or utilitarian uses which can be driven, towed, sailed, hauled or flown. Common recreational vehicles include motor homes, travel trailers, snowmobiles, pull campers, all-terrain vehicles, cargo trailers, power boats, cruisers, jet skies, pontoon boats, personal watercrafts, row boats, and sail boats.

The recreational vehicle ordinance limits the number of recreational vehicles allowed to be parked and/or stored on a particular property.  For the purpose of these limits, a recreational vehicle on a trailer constitutes one recreational vehicle.  Under the ordinance, parking of recreational vehicles is defined as the placement of recreational vehicles on a property during the dates of April 1 through October 31.  Storing of recreational vehicles is defined as the placement of recreational vehicles on a property during the dates of November 1 through March 31. Critical ordinance standards include: 

  • Recreational vehicles must be owned, leased or rented by the occupant of the property on which the recreational vehicles are parked and/or stored.
  • No more than two recreational vehicles may be parked and/or stored outside, except one additional recreational vehicle may be parked and/or stored outside on properties adjacent to the Fox River.
  • Recreational vehicles must be parked and/or stored on a legally permitted hard, dust free surface (concrete, bituminous, brick pavers; not gravel) at least equal in length and width to the recreational vehicles being parked and/or stored on it. All surface areas will be subject to lot coverage and impervious surface site restrictions.
  • Parking of recreational vehicles is permitted in the locations illustrated on the following diagram. However, all other applicable regulations also apply.  
  • Storing of recreational vehicles must follow the same restrictions as recreational vehicle parking, except that storing of recreational vehicles is also not permitted in front yards. However, due to elevation concerns, residential lots contiguous to the Fox River may store recreational vehicles in the front yard.  All other applicable regulations also apply.
The entire recreational vehicle ordinance is available in 156.08K of the Unified Development Ordinance or you may contact the Community Development Department at 847-741-3894.