Fitness Classes

Times and Locations:
  • Mondays:  9:15am – HIIT & FIT – Jim Hansen Park
  • Wednesday:  9:15am Barreless Barre - Stowell Peddy Park
  • Wednesday: 6:30pm Acoustic Yoga – Stowell Peddy Park
  • Friday:  9:15am Booty Barre and 11am HIIT & FIT – Jim Hansen Park
  • Saturday:  9:15am Barreless Barre
  • Saturday: 11am HIIT (begins July 11) – Stowell Peddy Park

Class Descriptions:
HIIT & FIT: Fun and bass driven music pumps us up as we build strong lean muscles! We use body weight resistance and torch calories with High Intensity Interval Training Cardio. So much fun and you’ll feel the burn for days! 

Barreless Barre: Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a ballerina to take this class! Classic barre exercises have been adapted to be performed in the center of your mat! You will challenge the core for balance and total body proprioception. A blend of pilates, barre principals and gentle cardio help to lengthen and strengthen muscles. 

Booty Barre: Similar to Bareless Barre but with a greater emphasis on strengthening and rounding those booties!

Booty & Core: The focus of this class combines the two most requested regions of the body, Booty and Core. Transform, strengthen, and tone your “assets." Combining compound movements and light cardio, this class is designed to increase flexibility, mobility and strengthening with exercises to improve core balance and stability.

Cost and Registration:
Each class is $10 per session.  Purchase punches at - set-up household and login – then click Search – Fitness Punch Pass – Select BYOM Fitness in the Park and Add to Cart – select the number of punches (Min 1/Max 10). Alternatively, you can drop-in and bring cash (exact change, please) or a personal check written to Village of South Elgin.  A registration form will be required at the first drop-in class.