I Spy South Elgin

South Elgin Parks & Rec has launched an I Spy-styled game to help keep kids (and adults) busy/entertained during these socially distant days.

Your Help Will Make this a Success!
Residents are invited to submit a photo of something unique and visible in their front yard or through a front window (a lawn statue, a Yoda poster in a bedroom window, a heart-shaped wreath on a door, etc. ). The item should be visible from a sidewalk or while driving by slowly. Along with the photo, please include the address where the item is located. Please send email to: separksandrecreation@southelgin.com.

Parks & Rec staff will create clues and post new rounds each week on this web page. You can follow this page directly at www.southelgin.com/ISpy. The clues along with the answer sheets will identify the neighborhood where they're located, (Sugar Ridge, Springs at South Elgin, etc.) so parents can choose whether to walk or drive. The clues and answer sheets below are printable or can be pulled up on a mobile phone.

Dive into a little neighborhood I Spy adventure! Check out the Clues in the drop down box below (note: Answers also available below).

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