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Let’s keep our community clean and safe! You and your group can Pick-a-Park or Pick-a-Spot. It will be your responsibility to maintain the area you choose. Each group can have different responsibilities from picking up litter, painting, mulching, and even planting! If you have an idea, please share and we can help you put it in motion. Contact the or print an application to get started!

Possible Parks Up For Adoption:
Robin Glen, River Ridge, Pickerel Point, Lions, River Ridge, and Fox Meadow. Keep in mind that if a different location is closer to your home and more convenient, of course, we want you to adopt that site. Just call us and we’ll work with you! 

Thank You To These Great People/Groups That Have Already Made A Difference! 

• Ann Street Park – The Rios Family
• Blackhawk Park – Cub Scout Pack 76 
• Blackhawk Park Signs - Girl Scout Troop 1047
• Footprints In Time - Barbara & Samantha Harville 
• Jim Hansen/Lion’s Park - South Elgin Little League 
• Jim Hansen Park Signs - Steve & Nancy Ward
• Panton Mill Park - Bear Family Restaurants
• Panton Mill Planter Boxes - Christ Community Church
• Sperry Park - South Elgin Youth Football
• Waters Edge Bike Path - Lynn Barrientos & Barb Zumpano 

This program is for the busy person who still wants to help but maybe cannot take on a whole park or doesn’t have as much time. These areas are typically much smaller in scale, but we think have the same impact. In fact if you know of an area that the Village owns and you envision a flower bed there or just want to enhance it, give us a call, we’ll work with you! 

Here are a few suggestions for adopting a spot: North and South Lancaster Circle entryway islands, Hobart Drive entry island, Kingsport Drive entry island, Gyorr Road Island, Thornwood Ave. Island, Pioneer Park, raised flower bed at Ann Street Park, various landscape beds in the downtown, Park names signs at the individual parks.

Adopt-A-Park Application