Business Security

The following tips are being offered as a courtesy:

Lights On At Night
~ Light up all entrances, including service doors and emergency exits, with vandal proof fixtures.
~ Leave some lights on within your business.  Position lights properly so an intruder's silhouette may be seen from the street.
~ Light up your cash register and leave it open and empty. 

Clean Up
~ Avoid high displays and excessive window ads that could prevent a passing police officer or possible witness from seeing in.
~ Lock up all tools and ladders that may make a criminal's job easier.
~ Keep weeds and shrubbery cut/trimmed and other debris away from windows and doors.  Don't provide a criminal with areas of concealment or places to climb.

Install Adequate Alarms
~ Check and test your alarm system regularly.
~ Investigate reasons for  false alarms on your premises and take action to prevent further false alarms.
~ Install surveillance cameras in strategic locations.  Keep in mind placement of cameras when moving displays or signage.
~ Post notices in conspicuous locations that show you have an alarm system.
~ Do not rely on your alarm system as your only measure of security.  They are most effective when used in conjunction with other basic security measures.

Protect Your Safe
~ Keep cash to a minimum with frequent, irregular deposits.
~ Vary route and time schedule to and from the bank.
~ Secure safe to the floor in a well lit and visible location.
~ Leave cash drawers open and empty at night to prevent damage.
~ Choose a safe for your needs; "fire resistant" is not "burglar resistant."
~ Keep an accurate inventory of valuables.
~ Change combinations regularly, especially after an employee terminates employment.

Lock Up
~ Install deadbolt locks on all outside doors.
~ Inspect padlocks and be sure to never leave them open, even on an open door or gate.  Unlocked padlocks can be removed and replaced by a would be burglar allowing easy access later.
~ Inspect door and window frames for signs of looseness or wear and repair them.
~ Practice good key security.  Sign out all keys and collect them when an employee terminates employment.
~ Never label keys as to what they are for; use a code.
~ Shield all possible openings against criminal entry, including roof tops, skylights, air ducts, hatchways, basements, and other openings.
~ Don't lock a potential burglar inside.  Inspect all closets, bathrooms, and other hiding places at closing.

Be Smart
~ Lock all small valuables in cabinets or display cases.
~ Install burglar resistant glass.
~ If you discover a burglary or damage to your business, call the police immediately.
~ Touch nothing; don't disturb possible evidence.
~ Keep all employees away.

Keep the police department up to date with contact information by completing a Business Contact Information Form annually.