Don't Make it Easy for a Thief to Steal Your Wheels

Loving that newfound freedom, don’t lose it by losing your car!  Exercise these basic crime prevention tips into your daily driving routine:

  • NEVER leave your car running or the keys in the ignition when you are away from it, even for “just a minute.”
  • ALWAYS roll up the windows and lock the car, even when it is in front of your home.
  • NEVER leave valuable in plain view, even if your car is locked.  Put them in the trunk or at least out of sight.  Buy auto stereo equipment that can be removed and locked in the trunk.
  • PARK in busy, well lit areas when out.
  • CARRY the registration and insurance card with you.  Don’t leave personal IDs or credit cards in your vehicle.
  • LEAVE only the ignition key with the attendant when you pay to park in a lot or garage.  Do the same when you take the car for repairs.
  • REPORT your stolen car to the police immediately.

A little extra protection, you can:

  • Etch the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), found on a metal plate behind the front windshield, on the windows, doors, fenders, and trunk lid.  This helps discourage professional thieves who have to either remove or replace etched parts before selling the car.
  • Copy the VIN and your license plate tag number on a card and keep it in a safe place - the police will need this information if your car is stolen.
  • Investigate the possibility of installing a security system if you live in a high-theft area or drive an automobile that is attractive to thieves.  You may get a discount on your auto insurance.

Contact the Police Department at 847-741-2151 with any questions or concerns.