Report A Concern is located on this website's home page, or available by clicking here.  Residents can report concerns such as street light outages, pot holes, dead animals on the Village roads or sidewalks, damaged or missing traffic and street signs, water drainage issues and more. Please use Report A Concern for non-emergency situations and Village staff will steer your concern to the proper department/staff member to handle the issue.

Because roads, power lines, easements and other parts of South Elgin's infrastructure can be controlled by other entities (county roads, ComEd streetlights, etc), here is a handy reference guide for other concerns you might notice within the Village boundaries:

  • Street lights on wooden poles are usually maintained by ComEd. You may report those street light outages directly to ComEd on their Report a Street Light Outage website. For electrical emergencies such damaged or leaning pole, exposed wires or light fixtures in danger of falling, please call 9-1-1 to have police and fire verify the emergency. You can also call 1-877-4-ComEd-1 (1-877-426-6331) immediately to report the problem.
  • State routes such as Illinois Routes 31 and 25 and their street lights are maintained by the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) and a condition report to IDOT may be made by clicking on the provided link.
  • County routes and their street lights are maintained by Kane County Department of Transportation (KDOT):
    • McLean Blvd - Spring St and north (*Note: south of the intersection to Illinois Route 31 is maintained by IDOT currently);
    • Randall Rd;
    • Silver Glen Rd;
    • Stearns Rd

To report a problem, email (use this email to submit comments, report an issue on a county highway or for general inquiries) or call 630-584-1170 and leave a message.

For problems with railroad crossing signals and traffic signals, please call Tri-Com Central Dispatch at 630-377-0911 to have a police officer respond to verify the problem. Railroad crossing signal and traffic signal and problems can potentially involve dangerous situations requiring an immediate response by a police officer to avoid or limit the hazardous condition created by the malfunction until the appropriate maintenance company arrives to resolve the problem.