Future Police Station Plans

You can be proud of how our South Elgin police officers handle the demands of modern policing. They’re a hard-working and professional crew. They follow the best-practice protocols of community-based policing. They face mental and physical challenges on a regular basis. They perform split-second decisions using gear and technology once reserved for science fiction. They engage in ongoing and rigorous training. And one, five and ten years from now, all of those demands will only increase. 

Unfortunately, the current police station can not meet the task. Along with insufficient training space and evidence storage, the station's inefficient floor plan makes transporting detainees difficult. The Sally Port - intended for processing detainees - is undersized and partially used for storage. Social Workers have no private offices to meet with victims. Locker rooms do not exist. And SEPD has grown 35% since moving into the current police station. The facility has simply outlived its usefulness. 

During a November 14, 2022 meeting, the Village of South Elgin Board of Trustees approved proceeding with plans to build a new South Elgin Police station to better serve the community for decades to come. The facility will remain located in the Village Center at the southeast corner of LaFox (Route 31) and State Street and will include multi-purpose training and meeting rooms for Board Meetings, regional police training, community gatherings and more.

This webpage will be updated as details are available regarding project costs, timelines and design.

Initial details about the plans appeared in the Village Light Winter 2022-23 issue, and are available for review here.

Preliminary renderings of the station's exterior as well as the proposed Veterans Plaza appear below:

01_Front Entry_overall - Copy

03_Memorial Wall