Clintonville/Collins Neighborhood Rehabilitation Project

With additional revenue provided by the Rebuild Illinois Fund, the Village will embark upon a two-year road construction project involving a water main replacement, street resurfacing, new curbs, gutters and sidewalks for the Clintonville/Collins neighborhood. The map below highlights the construction area with a blue shaded box. 

Residents of the neighborhood are invited to an Open House Informational Public Meeting. This is an opportunity to see the plans and speak with the project's engineers and Village staff. 

Scope of Work and Project Timeline:

The Clintonville/Collins Neighborhood Rehabilitation Project will begin the Summer of 2021 and complete early in the Fall of 2022. This summer’s construction will consist of a water main replacement project. Next year’s construction will be the more visible portion of the project. Streets will be re-surfaced and sidewalks, curb and gutter will be installed. Please see map below highlighting the construction area. While the Village understands the project will cause disruptions and dust for local residents the following two seasons, the net result will be a neighborhood with great roads, better walkability and up-to-date water main standards. Thank you for your patience.

Clintonville Collins Project Area Map