alert iconHydrant Flushing Takes Place May 14-17 and 21-24 Flushing takes place between 2-6AM to minimize impact. More info at alert close
Street safety is a primary concern of Public Works during winter months.  With resident cooperation Public Works crews will be able to maximize the effectiveness of snow and ice removal operations. 
When road conditions become hazardous heavily traveled streets are top priority and are cleared of snow and ice first.  Once the main streets have been cleared crews will remove snow and ice from secondary collector streets, cul-de-sacs and dead end streets.  Crews do not handle snow removal on County and State roads such as McLean Boulevard, Bowes Road, Stearns Road, Illinois Route 31 and Illinois Route 25.

Snow plow drivers operate in extreme weather conditions so it's important to give them as much space as possible to ensure safe and efficient removal of snow accumulation.  It is recommended to stay at least 200 feet behind a snow plow.  This will ensure the snow plow driver knows you're there.  Although it may appear snow plow drivers may be driving too fast for conditions, a sufficient speed must be maintained in order to roll the snow thereby removing it from the street.  Always be alert while driving behind a snow plow as salt and debris can be kicked up.  

Do not shovel snow into the street when clearing your driveway or after a snow plow has passed, as this creates a hazard for motorists.  It is unlawful for anyone to deposit snow on streets, alleys or other municipal property in the Village (Section 50.22 of the Village Code of Ordinances.) 

Parking on streets is prohibited on Village streets for 24 hours after a 2" or more snow event (Section 72.08 of the Village Code of Ordinances.)