The Village sweeps approximately 864 curb miles of streets and removes approximately 135 tons of debris each year from our streets.  An additional early spring sweeping is scheduled to reduce the accumulation of seedlings in storm system inlets.  Street sweepers remove debris from our streets and prevent it from entering our storm drain system. They do not, however, pick up leaf piles and will maneuver around them. Residents are required to dispose of their leaves through the yard waste services included with their weekly garbage pick-up.  

Here's how you can improve the cleanliness of your street:

  • Avoid blowing or raking leaves into the street;
  • Properly dispose of litter, keeping it out of curb gutters;
  • Keep twigs and branches out of the street; and
Refrain from parking on-street during street sweeping activities.

2024-25 Street Sweeping Schedule
Week of June 3, 2024
Week of August 5, 2024
Week of October 7, 2024
Week of December 9, 202
March and April 2025 (TBD eary 2025)

As a reminder, LRS CleanSweep is not a leaf sweep or removal service. Street sweepers are designed and engineered to remove debris and residue from the street surface and curb line. A continuous build-up of leaves congests the sweepers and runs the risk of the sweepers catching fire. For safety, street sweepers will steer around any leaves raked or blown into the street. The contractor reserves the right to reschedule a sweep cycle if too many leaves have accumulated on the street and at the curb line.