Backflow and Cross-Connection Control Policy

A cross connection is a point in a plumbing system where potable water is connected to a non-potable source.  It is at this point where possible contamination containing bacteria, chemicals or physical contaminant could enter the water supply.  Common cross connections found in water systems occur in restaurants, clinics, car washes, hose connections, fire protection sprinkler systems, lawn irrigation systems, hot tubs and ornamental ponds.

To comply with the Illinois Environmental Protection Act, residents and businesses must adhere to Section 51.45 of the Village Code of Ordinances.  All cross connection contamination back flow prevention assemblies must be installed, maintained and tested annually. The Village currently contracts with Backflow Solutions, Inc. (BSI) to manage the inventory, tracking and testing of back flow prevention assemblies.  BSI forwards letters annually reminding residents and businesses of testing requirements.  Lawn irrigation system users, your back flow prevention device is required to be tested prior to operating your system or no later than June 15.  If you choose not to use the system, it still needs to be tested or disconnected by a licensed plumbing contractor; registered with the Illinois Department of Public Health.  Please contact 847-742-5780 with additional questions.