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The Parks & Recreation Department has created or compiled a variety of content to keep kids and adults engaged, entertained, active and learning during these social distancing days. You'll find everything from free online opportunities to paid programming to community adventures and more. We'll be adding new content regularly to this page, so check back often!
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Parks and Recreation Fall Programs & Events Guide1 document

  • Parks and Recreation Guide - Fall 2020
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    All programs and events subject to change

Free Programs, Activities and Online Content15 documents

Youth ProgramsNo documents

Family Fun1 document

  • Virtual Marathon: 15005
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    Click link and enter code 15005

Senior and Adult ProgramsNo documents

DIY Activities for Kids13 documents

  • DIY Fossil Project
    document seq 2.00
    Learn how to make fossils with household materials!
  • Stomp Rockets
    document seq 2.00
    Blast off with a cool stomp rocket
  • Bubbles Bubbles Everywhere
    document seq 2.00
    How to make homemade bubbles!
  • DIY Dart Plane
    document seq 2.00
    Take off with this cool paper airplane
  • Up Up Up with a Gyrocopter
    document seq 2.00
    DIY paper copter
  • DIY Dog Prints
    document seq 2.00
    High Five Your Four-legged Friend
  • Incredible Insects
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    See what's hiding in the grass and under stuff!
  • Stone Soup
    document seq 2.00
    Hear the story
  • Stick vs Splat
    document seq 2.00
    Throw it against a tree and see what sticks
  • DIY Paper Flying Ring
    document seq 2.00
    UFOs Among Us!
  • Fairy Houses and Leprechaun Traps
    document seq 2.00
    Make Believe Fun!
  • DIY Dragonfly Glider
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    It's a bird. It's a plane. it a dragonfly?
  • Geocaching
    document seq 2.00
    Lessons from Our Rec Supervisor, Jess!

Harlem Wizards Teach Basketball Skills through Fun and Exercise1 document

  • Get Fit Harlem Wizards Style
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    And enjoy live, free classes at 2pm CST every M-W-F at

Paid Program Options7 documents

Adult Fitness in the ParkNo documents

Youth Programs7 documents

  • Mindful Summer Slime Lab
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    Click link and enter SLIME in the Keyword Search.  Have the slime of your life creating Mindful Slime with Coach Lisa Lombardi! We will please our senses and stay in the present. Any worries will be put aside as we have a blast creating STRETCHY SLIME, GOOEY OOBLECK, AND CLOUD DOUGH! Our slime creations will pop like fireworks, smell like summer and be colored to remind kids of the beach. This online experience will be a "one and done" encounter with a duration of about 30 minutes, better yet you get to choose the day! Once you register, you will receive a YouTube private link to access the class anytime. You will also receive a supply list of items needed. Families have the option to email Coach Lisa during spring/summer with any questions! This class is taught by Lisa Lombardi Coaching Inc,
  • Balloon Animals - Paid Online Class
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    Click link and enter BALLOON in Keyword Search. Professional balloon artist Gary Kantor introduces a 45 minute online class that teaches children the techniques needed to take plain balloons and transform them into incredible balloon animals (like dogs, butterflies, fish, etc.). By watching these online videos children will create their own balloon animals, with Gary walking them through each step in the process. And this class isn't just for the kids; parents will have a blast if they join the experience. Additionally, you can sign up again since each session makes different animals. Ideal class age is 7 and above. (Note: you will need your own balloons and balloon pump. The pump and balloons cost about $13, and when you register you will be given information on places to purchase these.) Once registered you will be provided a code to access the you tube link via email.
  • Magic with Gary Kantor - Session A
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    Click link and enter MAGIC in keyword search. Professional magician Gary Kantor now teaches his popular magic class ONLINE. This 45-minute online class teaches children how to perform a number of mind-boggling tricks using everyday household items. Gary will start by explaining the secrets to the tricks, and then both Gary and the children will practice everything in great detail. The children will have a blast as they learn exactly what to say and do when performing in front of an audience. And since this class is online, it can be taken whenever it is convenient for your schedule. And the videos can be watched again and again. Your entire family can even take this class together! Additionally, be sure to sign up for this class again since new tricks are taught each session. Class is for ages 5-12. (When you register, you will be told the household items that are needed for the class and be given the password for the web link via email.)
  • Young Rembrandt's Art Class - 15009-01
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    Hungry for more art? Young Rembrandts students will be drawing expressive Pizza Cartoon characters and a funny Ice Cream joke sequence. Students will also enjoy two art history lessons, learning all about the iconic Taj Mahal and a different art style featured in the Pop Art Desert lesson. Can't wait to draw with you! Register now
  • All Star Sports Virtual Soccer - 15011-01
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    Still taught the All Star way, this program will keep everyone active and engaged both mentally and physically! Our virtual lesson plan is designed to teach the game by using FUNdamental drills and fun challenges while still engaging the players at all times. We will cover simple foot skills, dribbling, passing, and shooting. This class will not only keep the players active but will be a great base to prepare them to eventually hit the field again.  Mandatory Equipment: soccer ball, cones or cone substitute, Partner (parent or sibling) Optional/Ideal equipment: Goal, 3rd partner (parent or sibling).
  • All Star Sports Virtual Basketball - 15012-01
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    Our Virtual program is designed to teach the game of basketball at a basic level while making sure the players stay active and engaged the entire class! Basketball Fundamental and skill work will be covered to focuses on basic mechanics to build confidence then adding fun challenges to keep participants engaged. We will cover dribbling, passing and age appropriate shooting technique.  Mandatory Equipment: Basketball, hard surface to dribble, cones or cone substitute, Partner (parent or sibling) Optional/Ideal equipment: Basketball Hoop, 3rd Partner (parent or sibling
  • All Star Sports Virtual T-Ball Skills - 15013-01
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    T-Ball/Baseball can be a boring game if taught the wrong way! We will continue to bring our FUN All Star Approach to coaching online. Our coaching techniques will provide basic building blocks to succeed at all levels. Players in this program will be more confident in this active class as we work on the proper mechanics of catching, throwing, fielding, base running, batting, and fun weekly class challenges. This fun and exciting program will prepare each player for the T-Ball, coach or kid pitch leagues once we are able to take the field again!  Mandatory Equipment: glove, baseball and tennis ball (or soft squishy ball), Bat, Partner (parent or sibling) Optional/Ideal equipment: Tee for hitting, 3rd partner (parent or sibling)