South Elgin Stories: A History Project

WEB SE Stories 061521It's small stories that tell the big picture. And we've launched a history project starring you (and you, and you, and you). South Elgin Stories offers an opportunity to tell future generations about life in the Village through your tales and anecdotes -- whether they're from the 1960s, 1980s or 2000s.    
We've teamed with Gail Borden Public Library's South Elgin branch, and the third Tuesday of each month, we'll host an after-hours opportunity to share stories with South Elgin as the central theme. The first gathering took place in May and we heard wonderful stories about 1960s and 70’s South Elgin.  Our next session takes place Tuesday, June  15 at 7pm and the theme is Summer Memories in South Elgin. Bring your funny, sweet or even bittersweet stories and we'll begin to weave a tapestry of the people, places and events that shape(d) our Village. Or just come to support the storytellers. 

Here's the library's registration info: Or submit a written memoir to, we’ll read your story to the audience on your behalf. If you have any questions about this history project, please contact Soon we’ll start posting stories and content at
There’s a lot of local history waiting to be told. We welcome you to be part of it.