Public Works crews pick up tree limbs year round during the first and third full week of each month for residents who phone to request service. This is a "Week of" program to allow for the prioritization of crew tasks. 

The following is a list of helpful tips to keep in mind when preparing for pick up:

  • Pick ups must be called in before 7 am on the Monday of pick up week, please call 847-930-6050 ext. 4. *No exceptions will be made for late requests.*
  • Please be patient. The list can take several days to complete during the height of summer landscaping. 
  • All pick ups are limited to residential homes only and the branches must be generated on the property. 
  • Branches should be the result of maintenance trimming only. Crews will not pick up piles larger than 8'x8' in area.
  • Crews will not remove branches from the removal of whole trees. Residents should contact a tree removal service for this type of work. 
  • Crews will not remove branches from private property. Please ensure that all branches are placed on the parkway.
  • When placing branches for pick up, set them in the parkway before 7:00 a.m. the Monday of pick up week. If branch piles are not at the curb when the crew arrives at your address, they will move on to the next stop. You may call the branch pick-up line and request to be placed on the next list, should you forget to place your branches out before Monday morning. 
  • Be sure no foreign objects are in the brush piles such as wire, rope etc. Piles will foreign objects contained in them will not be processed.
  • Place the branches so the cut ends face the street.
  • Limbs should be a minimum of 3' in length and no larger than 10" in diameter. Branches from pine trees, roots and root balls, stumps, vines, shrubs and/or building materials are not acceptable and will not be processed.
  • Make sure there is nothing obstructing the pile such as a vehicle. 
  • Yard rakings, garden material, branches shorter than 3 feet in length, and small twigs should be placed in yard waste bags and set out with your normal refuse to be picked up by Groot.           


January 8 and 22
February 5 and 19*
March 4 and 18
April 8 and 22
May 6 and 20
June 3 and 17
July 8 and 22
August 5 and 19
September 2* and 16
October 7 and 21
November 4 and 18
December 2 and 16  

*Branch pick-up will occur during these holiday weeks. All requests to be placed on the list are due before 7 a.m. on the Monday of Branch Pick-up Week, irrespective of the holiday.