Halloween Information

The Village of South Elgin has received many inquiries about Halloween and trick-or-treating. We will update this page as necessary with any new guidelines or restrictions. At this time, trick-or-treating is a custom not organized or sponsored by the Village. Residents have freewill to participate or opt-out of Halloween 2020. The South Elgin Police Chief has established hours for trick-or-treating to take place between 3-6pm, Saturday, October 31, 2020. The Police Department  also reminds trick-or-treaters to engage in safe Halloween practices such as high visibility (use flashlights or reflective tape), stay on sidewalks whenever possible, cross streets at intersections, and avoid wearing costumes that restrict vision.

It is also important, especially this year, to respect neighbors who choose not to participate in Halloween and avoid approaching homes with their porch lights turned off. As a further guidance, the Village has created two different signs to indicate whether a household is participating in trick-or-treating. Residents can print the signs or pick up copies at Village Hall. Please post the proper sign in a visible space from the driveway (on a garage door, for example). One sign indicates the home welcomes trick-or-treaters and it can be printed here. The other sign requests trick-or-treaters to avoid the household. This sign can be printed here.

The Illinois Department of Public Health has issued guidelines and suggestions for a safe Halloween. A copy is available here. We encourage all residents to read this guidance and behave in a manner that will allow everyone to enjoy the additional holidays coming around the corner. Respect those who do not want to participate. Wear an approved mask. Wash your hands. Watch your distance. Stay home if you're sick.

Halloween Signs_2020