Holiday Lights Contest

We welcome all South Elgin households to participate in our 2021 Holiday Lights Decorating Contest! Big homes, little homes, townhomes, apartment balconies…join in the fun!  The contest runs December 11-19 and everyone will have an opportunity to vote on their favorites. Participants will get a lawn sign with a designated number for online voting.  Registration deadline: December 8. There are two categories: Griswold or Traditional…you will choose one when you register. Awards will be presented at the December 20 Village Board Meeting.

To register your home, click here and enter 33613 in the Section # box. NOTE: WE ARE EXPERIENCING SPORADIC ISSUES WITH OUR REGISTRATION SOFTWARE. If you run into a glitch, please send an email to for assistance getting your residence registered.

Choosing a Category: If you’re unfamiliar, the Griswold category in our Holiday Lights Contest is an ode to Clark Griswold from the 1989 film A Christmas Vacation. He festooned his home with 25,000 lights, and it prompted the memorable line, “If one goes out, the whole thing goes out.” So...if your display is a pageant of lights, inflatables and motorized elves, you’re probably in the Griswold category!

Follow this page,, and we will continue to update it with details, photos and more.

FB holiday lights 2021

DRAFT Voting Link here