Committee for Equity and Belonging

The Village of South Elgin Board of Trustees approved the formation of a Committee for Equity and Belonging during the February 6, 2023 Board Meeting. A task force of community members met several times in 2022 and 2023 to discuss and outline the key aspects of the committee, and they are fully detailed below. In brief, the intent and purpose of the Committee for Equity & Belonging includes:

  • Facilitating community engagement avenues such as surveys, one-on-one meetings and community meetings;
  • Communicating with our community by providing resources in varying languages, targeting communication to underserved groups, and cultivating resources in a variety of formats including through Village staff, printed publications, social media, and the website;
  • Supporting equity and inclusion in the community;
  • Celebrating diversity through hosting events and highlighting the Village’s history and diversity.

The Village Board seeks members for this newly formed committee. An application for membership consideration is available here.

Committee for Equity and Belonging Agendas and Minutes

08/29/23 Agenda      
07/25/23 Agenda