Annual Road Program

The Village of South Elgin is committed to providing its residents and businesses with cost efficient and dependable public services. To maintain the level of service residents and businesses have come to rely on, it is necessary, from time to time, to construct new and/or rehabilitate existing infrastructure. Each year streets are selected, based on the Village’s Pavement Management report, for improvement. Construction activities include:  grinding off the top layer of asphalt and repaving; curb and gutter repairs as necessary; repairs to sidewalks in poor condition or which pose a trip hazard; and new sidewalk installation. Construction work typically occurs between June and September each year.

 As typical with these types of projects, construction activities create inconveniences, dust, and noise. Construction and convenience, unfortunately, do not go hand in hand.  Large neighborhood resurfacing projects do not happen overnight and your patience and courtesy is greatly appreciated. Please keep in mind during construction season, emergency vehicles will always have access and your garbage service will continue, however your garbage may be picked up early morning before the contractor begins work. As always, construction schedules are dependent on weather and are subject to delays. 

 The 2019 Annual Road Improvements Program included streets within the Sugar Ridge and River Ridge Subdivisions.