Annual Road Construction Program

Each year streets are selected for maintenance, based on the Village’s Pavement Management report.  With additional road project revenue provided by the Rebuild Illinois Fund, the Village has the opportunity to tackle two separate road construction projects:

  • Road Program 2022: This is the standard Village-funded road program. After the contractor bid process, the roads listed below are scheduled for resurfacing or reconstruction by the Village of South Elgin during summer 2022. A map is available here. Questions? Call Mike Millette, Director of Public Works, Scott Fish, Streets & Forestry Superintendent or Colleen Chase, Administrative Assistant at 847-695-2742. 
8/4/22 Update- Asphalt - Milling is tentatively scheduled begin on Cornwall, Arlington, Arbor and Ashton on Friday, August 5th. This will be followed by the application of new asphalt. On street parking is prohibited between the hours of 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. on work days. 

    • ARLINGTON LANE - Valley Forge Ave to East End
    • ASHTON COURT - Arlington Ln to North End
    • ARBOR LANE - Ashton Ct to Valley Forge Ave
    • JUNIPER LANE - N Lancaster Cir to Fairfax Ln - PAVING OMPLETE
    • CORNWALL AVENUE - Franklin Ave to Concord Ave
    • WINDSOR COURT - Concord Ave to North End - PAVING COMPLETE
  • Clintonville/Collins Neighborhood Road Rehabilitation Project: This will be a two-year endeavor involving a water main replacement, street resurfacing, new curbs, gutters and sidewalks. For full details and map of the road project, please click here.
8/2/22 UPDATE: The contract for this project has been awarded to Plote Construction, Inc. The strike by the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 150 strike against area gravel pits has ended. Residents will see work beginning to take place in the project zone beginning the week of August 1st. 

Beginning the Week of August 1, 2022 - Concrete work, including installing new storm sewer, the replacement of existing roadway with new curb and gutter, new driveway aprons, and the replacement of some of the sidewalks are scheduled to begin in the project zone the Week of August 1, 2022. Pavement milling will begin on Collins and State Streets. If you reside in the project zone, a notice was placed on your front door to notify you of pertinent information regarding the project on Thursday, July 28, 2022. It is recommended that residents avoid parking on the street during the normal working hours of 7 am to 6 pm due to the quantity of equipment and concrete trucks that will be in the area.

For questions or concerns regarding the project, please contact Mike Ewers, Resident Engineer, at (708)548-1626 or Mike Millette, Director of Public Works or Scott Fish, Streets & Forestry Superintendent at (847)695-2742

General Road Project Information:
Construction and convenience, unfortunately, do not go hand in hand.  Large neighborhood resurfacing projects don't happen overnight and your patience and courtesy is greatly appreciated! Improvements include grinding off the top layer of asphalt and repaving; curb and gutter repairs as necessary; repairs to sidewalks in poor condition or which pose a trip hazard; and new sidewalk installation. Construction work typically occurs between May and October each year.

Please keep in mind during construction season, emergency vehicles will always have access and your garbage service will continue, however your garbage may be picked up earlier in the morning before the contractor begins work. Please have your cans at the curb the night before pick-up.

As always, construction schedules are dependent on weather and are subject to delays.