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The drinking water industry has been monitoring PFAS chemicals (Per and Poly Fluoroalkyl substances) for more than a decade.  PFAS chemicals have existed since the 1940s and are found in non-stick cookware, water repellants, stain repellants, fire fighting foam and many other common products. While the chemicals are no longer produced in the US, they can still be found in airborne, soil and water samples.  The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a public health advisory for PFAS chemicals in 2016, citing evidence that lifetime exposure to these chemicals could result in harmful health effects. 

In 2020, the Illinois EPA initiated an investigation into the levels of PFAS concentrations in water supplies throughout the State. The Village learned in April 2021 the investigation found one of the fresh water aquifers serving South Elgin residents contains trace concentrations of one compound in the PFAS family of chemicals.  The Village of South Elgin will follow the IL EPA recommendations to communicate this information with our community.  

The EPA has not yet developed specific steps to remediate PFAS chemicals from the environment. It is an emerging science, and the Village will continue to analyze, sample and monitor the water from all three aquifers serving our residents (only one aquifer exceeded the guidance level). We will continue to communicate remediation efforts and updates with the community.

We have included additional content below regarding the IL EPA tests along with other informational links. 

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