The Village is offering a new service which allows residents to sign up for electronic notifications whenever selected pages on are updated with new information. We are starting with two options:

  1. Emergency Alert Notifications (used sparingly only for dire weather-related issues, public safety warnings or other dangerous situations)
  2. Coronavirus News Updates (used only when our page adds content)

More pages will become available in the future.

To participate, visit the E-Notify Registration Page and provide your email address. After signing in, users can click and choose whether to receive these notifications  via email and/or text. To receive notifications via text, you’ll have to provide a valid mobile phone number with texting capabilities. After selecting your alerts from the menu, you’ll receive a confirmation email and/or text message. Simply respond as instructed and you’re set up! Please note: the notification will only inform you that a page has been updated and will not provide specifics. You will need to click on the provided link to read the updated content.