Economic development involves building a successful economic environment by bringing healthy businesses into both new and established areas of the Village and encouraging existing businesses to grow.  

All new businesses must go through the new business process, staring with completing a  New Business Worksheet.
Home Based Business
The Village does not require a business license, however, if you are thinking of operating a business from your home there are important regulations you need to know. Home-based businesses can only be established in a residential district if they meet the following limitations. A home-based business is permitted within any dwelling unit in the Village as part of a principal or accessory structure provided that the following standards are met.

  • Residential Character: The location and operation of the home–based business shall not alter the residential character of the dwelling.
  • Uses:  Examples of allowed home-based businesses include, but are not limited to, artist, consultant, counselor, craftsperson, designer, tutor, writer, and instructor of music, craft, or fine art.
  • Sales:  No on-site retail or wholesale transactions are allowed.
  • Hours of Operation: Home-based businesses with outside visitors may be allowed to operate from 7 am to 9 pm.
  • Residency of Operator: The operator of the home–based business shall reside in the dwelling unit in which the home occupation is located.
  • Employees:  One additional employee who does not reside in the dwelling unit is allowed for a home-based business.
  • Visitors:  A maximum of four visitors (clients, customers, pupils, etc.) associated with the home–based business may be present at any given time.
  • Parking: Any parking needs associated with the home-based business shall be accommodated on-site within an existing driveway or garage.
  • Deliveries: Deliveries and shipments are not allowed to or from the premises, with the exception of carriers that typically provide service to residential neighborhoods, such as the U.S. Postal Service and/or express shipping services (UPS, FedEx, DHL).
  • Signs: Signs for home-based businesses are permitted in accordance with § 156.10.D.1 (Permanent Signs Exempt from Permit Requirement).
If you suspect someone may be violating the home-based business regulations discussed above please contact the Community Development Department.