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Fox Valley Special Recreation Association (FVSRA) was formed in 1976 and is an extension of the South Elgin Parks & Recreation Department to provide a diverse range of year-round recreational activities to enable residents with disabilities to experience active, healthy, and fulfilling lifestyles.

FVSRA offers a wide range of programs and services for individuals of all ages and abilities. Most programs are geared towards specific age and ability groups so they can best meet the needs of the individuals they serve. Annually they implement more than 600 programs and special events, assuring and promoting CHOICE for all individuals. At FVSRA, participants make new friends, experience new activities, and become part of a supportive community.

The mission of FVSRA is to empower people with disabilities to participate in therapeutic recreation and leisure activities, which are essential to a rich life.

NEW! And do you know FVSRA has expanded their transportation services in South Elgin? There is now a pick-up point at Caputo's Fresh Market (622 S. Randall Road). This is an exciting improvement for residents living within the FVSRA Member Agency boundaries. Transportation to/from FVSRA programs will become more convenient for local participants and their families. For details, please email: info@fvsra.org or call 630-907-1114.

Sensory Spaces
Using a bus to transport both calm and invigorating sensory equipment, FVSRA will set up a tent anywhere in the community, at parks, and at big events. People with disabilities – and their family and friends – will have a better experience at social and community gatherings where they can take a break and recharge.