Frequently Asked Questions


What are the Hours of Operation for the Village?
Village Hall is open M-F - 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Public Works is open M-F - 7:00 am - 3:30 pm
Police Department is open 24-hours a day, Administrative Staff/Records is available M-F - 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
How do I file a Freedom of Information Request?
The  process to submit a FOIA request is detailed here.  
Is there a set speed limit on Village streets?
Yes, the maximum speed for vehicles traveling on the streets of South Elgin is 25mph, unless otherwise posted.
How will I know if there is a weather emergency?
A 3-minute sounding of the Village sirens will be used to alert the community when authorities have reason to believe there is imminent danger of a tornado or other severe weather.  Listen to local radio or television news for additional information.
Does the Village restrict hours of construction?
Hours of construction, reconstruction, repair or maintenance is restricted to no earlier than 7 am or later than 9 pm.
Who do I contact to report a dead animal in the roadway?
Contact the Public Works Department at 847-695-2742.
Where can I dispose of prescription medications?
There is a collection box located in the lobby of the Police Department.  Drop off is available M-F - 8:30 am - 5:00 pm.
What is the 100% Green Aggregation Program?

The Village contracts a program with Eligo Energy whereby residents and small businesses will be charged exactly the ComEd rate and will enjoy the added benefit of 100% Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) for the entire South Elgin Green Aggregation Community, at zero added cost.  

The program will reduce carbon emissions by approximately 25,000 tons annually. RECs purchased for the Village’s energy consumption will be sourced from wind power generators located in the Midwest. The Green-E audited certificates have oversight by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

There is never an enrollment fee, early termination fee or any added monthly fees.

More information here.


What holidays affect garbage and recycling collection?
There is no collection on New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Indepence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.  Should one of these holidays fall on a week day, your scheduled service will be delayed by one day.  If one of the holidays fall on Saturday, there is no disruption in service and if it falls on Sunday, there is a one day delay.
How do I dispose of larger items with my weekly garbage pick up?
Groot Industries will pick up large items such as furniture, white goods etc. with your normal collection.  Call Groot in advance at 1-847-429-7370 to schedule.  Holiday trees are picked with through the 3rd week of January of each year.
Is overnight parking allowed on Village streets?
Yes, providing the vehicle is not in violation of any posted signage; however, there is no parking on Village street during or after a 2" snow fall.
Does the Village have curfew regulations?
Yes, those younger than 17 years of age are no allowed in public areas of the Village after 11 pm - Sunday - Thursday or after midnight on Friday and Saturday unless accomplanied by an adult.  Curfew ends each morning at 6 am.
Does the Village require vehicle stickers?
Does the Village have a Real Estate Transfer Tax?


I'm thinking of opening a business in South Elgin, what do I need to do?
Please complete this form.
How do I apply for a liquor license?
The Liquor Application process is detailed here.  The Village Code of Ordinances provides all information concerning the sale of liquor in the Village.